Call Off Back Up Plan

Do you have a back up plan when you need to call off from your assignment? Whether it’s a flat tire, no babysitter or you’re feeling ill, you should always have a back up plan for work in case of an emergency.

call off

Here are some helpful tips from our experienced staffing professionals to help you prepare for the unexpected:

  1. Have reliable transportation. Whether you have access to a vehicle or use public transportation, it’s best to be prepared for issues that may pop up. Our staffing professionals recommend to have an emergency contact when you run into road troubles. It’s also great to review your local public transportation schedule. Find out which lines of service you can access from your home to your assignment.
    call off
  2. Have a childcare  provider. If you’re child comes down with the flu, what do you do about work? Have a back up plan for your child–whether it’s a grandparent, babysitter or other childcare provider,  it’s best to have an alternative option for days your little one may be sick or your daycare center is closed due to the weather.
  3. Have a severe weather plan. With the brutal winter conditions we have had this year, weather can throw an unexpected curve ball at you.  Check the weather reports frequently for updates on road conditions. Always notify both your Integrity Staffing Specialist and your on-assignment Supervisor if you may be late.

The importance of great attendance plays a critical role on your assignment! Avoid common pitfalls by having a back up plan! Keep in contact with your Integrity Staffing Specialist and notify your on-site Supervisor to keep the lines of communication open in the case of an emergency. Prepare for the unexpected with these helpful tips to ensure you’re attendance showcases your commitment to the assignment, your career and work ethic. What tips do you recommend?

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