Integrity Staffing Supports Military Employees and Service Members

Integrity Staffing is proud to be an employer of support of the Guard and Reserve and military service members. On July 10, 2014 President of Integrity Staffing Services, Dan Barnett, signed the official document of support for military service members. ESGR develops and promotes a culture in which all American employers support and value the military service of their employees.


Military Employee Support



Military Employee Support 3


Top 10 Reasons to Hire Members of the Guard and Reserve

Why members of the Guard and Reserve make good employees

Source: ESGR Fact Sheet 7


10. Global perspective: Military employees have experience that directly relate to current world events.

9. On-time, all the time: Military employees know that every second counts.

8. First class image: Military employees understand a professional appearance is a must.

7. Calm under pressure: Military employees are resilient and know how to handle stress, both on and off the job.

6. Can do attitude: Military employees possess critical skills and understand that nothing is impossible.

5. Physical conditioning: Military employees are in top physical condition, resilient and drug-free.

4. Understand diversity: Military employees have succeeded in a very diverse workplace.

3. Responsibility: Military employees know how to make decisions and take responsibility for meeting objectives.

2. Professionalism: Military employees have a high degree of integrity, an air of self-respect, and a sense of honor.

1. Leadership: Military employees are excellent leaders and outstanding followers: loyal, dedicated, and highly motivated.


Military employee support2


As a proud employer of support, Integrity Staffing looks forward to continuing to provide access to resources, employment, and support for service members as they transition into workplaces. Learn more about how ESGR can help your workplace and military employees.


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