OSHA: How Integrity is Protecting Candidates and Employees

Integrity’s New Year’s Resolution: Increasing Employee Safety


OSHA recently revealed their ambitious safety plans for 2015 and Integrity Staffing Services is officially prepared to take on the New Year! Our staffing team has undergone extensive training and will be making sure that our temporary employees are provided with the safest work environments possible.

Below is a basic outline of our safety protocols that we will be strictly following in 2015.

Temp agency Integrity Staffing

Client Site Visits

Before any member of our temporary staff is placed on a job, we visit the site to determine if there are any potential hazards that would need to be addressed before the employee begins work.


Employee Safety Training

Whenever we take on a new temporary employee, we require them to go through an OSHA-approved safety training program that focuses on 4 safety protocols. The training is made up of videos that cover personal protective equipment, emergency action and fire prevention, hazard communication, and blood borne pathogens.


OSHA Fire Safety


Job Hazard Assessment

Once the basic training is complete, we will perform a Job Hazard Assessment to determine if the temporary employee will need additional safety training for their specific work environment. Additional training can cover anything from lockout-tagout safety to fall protection safety.


Proactive Accident Investigation

In the event of an accident, our client will contact us and send the employee to the ER to be checked out by a professional. We will then work with everyone involved to determine the cause of the accident. If corrective action needs to be taken with our safety protocols or training, we will follow up with the client to ensure that no future accidents occur.




At Integrity, we believe that every employee has the right to feel safe in their work environment. We continuously work with our clients to determine what actions and training need to be met in order to protect our employees.

As always, we will continue to stay up to date on OSHA regulations and will continue to develop our safety plans. For more information on OSHA regulations visit their website.

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