Hiring the Next Generation of Manufacturing Employees

Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Growth

Northeast Ohio is finally experiencing an economic upswing. Unemployment is down and job seekers are viewing the area as a viable career location. Thanks to this new optimistic outlook, interest in the regional manufacturing industry has increased.

Manufacturing jobs make up about 19% of the jobs in the area and the industry is still growing. According to a report from the Staffing Industry Analysts, 57.2% of manufacturing employers are planning to add staff to their companies in February.


next generation


However, a lack of qualified candidates remains a major challenge for manufacturing employers looking to add staff. On average, 7% of jobs within plants go unfulfilled because of workforce shortages. For this reason, staffing companies continue to be a great resource for many employers. They specialize in staffing certain positions and have access to more skilled candidates than the typical job boards. Many staffing companies will host job fairs and use other avenues to attract the perfect candidates for their clients. This allows growing companies to focus on their products, while staffing firms handle the supply of employees to meet production demands.


Training the Next Generation of the Manufacturing Workforce in Cleveland

next generation

At Integrity Staffing Services, we encourage and support the training of new manufacturing employees. For this reason, Integrity Staffing Services is proud to support WIRE-Net whose mission is to strengthen manufacturing to create healthy communities and fuel economic growth. Right now, Wire-Net, is teaming up with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to help rejuvenate the workforce by supporting the Max S. Hayes Career and Technical School. The school focuses on developing skills in modern trades such as building maintenance and construction, welding, automotive technology, CNC Precision Machining, and much more. Every student who graduates will have multiple opportunities to advance their knowledge and join the next generation of the manufacturing workforce.

Staffing companies are thrilled about the growing economy and are eager to provide support for employers. With the assistance and support of staffing firms, companies can continue to grow and create new jobs for Northeast Ohio job seekers.


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