How a Staffing Company Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

Summer is a busy time for manufacturing employers and many will find themselves looking for additional staff. However, finding skilled talent can be a challenge for many local companies.

Whether you need employees for a rush order or your company is expanding, staffing firms are a great resource for quick, skilled talent.

Hiring Process

Below are the 5 main ways a staffing company can streamline your hiring process.


Readily Available Talent Pool

Staffing companies recruit and connect with the area’s best talent so they can assist their clients at moment’s notice. They are connected with job seekers of all skill sets and can connect you with qualified candidates that may otherwise be unavailable to you.


Pre-Screened Candidates

When you conduct your own hiring process, you may need to filter through over 100 resumes and applications. With a staffing company, they do that mass filter for you and present the top candidates based on your specifications. This allows you to waste less time on interviewing applicants that are not right for the position and spend more time focusing on the top candidates.



As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that every employee at your corporation is legally permitted to work in the United States. The best way to do this is by using E-Verify, an online verification system that determines the work eligibility of employees.

Integrity is one of the few staffing firms in our region which offers this verification process. E-Verify allows us to deliver a qualified and legally compliant workforce in a timely manner.



To help simplify the hiring process, many staffing companies will offer basic training for your new employees. For example, at Integrity Staffing Services, all of our applicants are trained on basic OSHA safety and we provide additional safety training upon our clients’ request.



If the idea of having to add a new employee to your payroll right away is holding you back from hiring the talent you need, consider using a staffing company. They allow you to bring on an employee under the staffing company’s payroll so you can see how the employee integrates with your company before committing them to your own payroll. This allows you to bring on the talent you need without the risk.



Improve Your Hiring Process Today!

Does your manufacturing company need additional help for the upcoming summer months? Contact one of our staffing specialists today and they will work with you to determine a workforce management solution that will fit your needs.



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