Why Having an Updated Resume is Important

An employer’s first impression of you begins the moment you submit your application and resume. A well-crafted resume should contain enough information to interest potential employers and hopefully land you a job interview.


It doesn’t matter if you are applying for a manufacturing job, retail work or a management position, employers will likely ask for a copy of your resume at some point during the hiring process and it is important to submit one.

Even if you have already filled out an online application, it is still recommended to upload a resume if requested. By doing this simple task, you are proving to the employer that you are taking your job search seriously and it allows them to easily access, review and share your candidacy with others in their network.


At Integrity Staffing Services, we always ask for a resume during our online application process. This extra step helps us to better understand your skill set and match you with a position that fits your lifestyle.

Without a proper resume, it can be challenging to determine a candidate’s skill set and the hiring process can be delayed.


Download a FREE Resume Template Today!

Don’t have a resume, but want to get one started? We have created a simple PDF form that you can fill out and send to us along with your application.

Click here to download your FREE Integrity Resume Template. When you open it, right click on the page, save it to your desktop, fill in the appropriate information and press save. When you register with us online, be sure to upload your saved form.



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