How to Maintain Realistic Expectations for Temporary Workers

The Reality of Temporary Employment

Temporary workers


You get what you pay for

We live in a candidate-driven job market. The U.S. unemployment rate is at its lowest point since 2008 and as a result, employees are asking for more competitive wages. If your company wants top candidates, accept that you will have to pay top dollar.


Temporary workers are an investment

You may only need a temporary employee for a 6-month assignment, but that assignment may turn into a 3-year contract. Save your company time and money down the road by investing in your temporary workers. When you bring on a temporary associate, take the time to show them the work environment, make them feel included and if they ask to learn new things, teach them. You never know when this extra time investment could pay off.




Your company is not their only commitment

Many temporary employees will work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. Usually, the times they are not scheduled to work are reserved for other jobs or family matters. However, if you treat the employee right, they will give your company more priority over others.


Don’t forget, they are temporary

Many people use temporary jobs as a stepping stone to full time employment. If you are not willing to invest in a temporary employee full time, they will continue to look at other opportunities. So, if you really like a temporary associate and want them to stay with your company, make the investment and bring them on full time.



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