Tips for Effectively Onboarding Your Contingent Workforce

Managing a contingent workforce is no easy task. With workers coming in and out of company projects, there are a lot of details to keep track of, to continue a smooth operation for your company and your clients. One area of particular importance is the onboarding process.


While each company is unique, here are some things to keep in mind when hiring and onboarding your team of contingent workers.


Keep the hiring processes similar.

Whether you are looking to hire full-time or contingent workers, you want to keep the hiring processes more alike than different. From posting a job to completing interviews, background checks, etc, a freelance or contingent employee is just as important as your other employees, and should go through the full hiring process. The more alike the processes are, the easier it is for you to welcome your contingent workers to the rest of the company.


Allow paperwork to be completed online.

It is well worth your time to make all the paperwork available online. Your contingent workers should be able to complete all the necessary onboarding paperwork remotely and send it in before they start their first day with your company. This allows for the first hour of their first day to be productive!


Be thorough with training and available for questions.

While paperwork should be a speedy, convenient process, training your contingent workers is not something to speed through to save time. You want your workers to feel integrated to your company and well-prepared for the tasks or projects ahead. Be sure to give them a thorough training, complete with materials or manuals they can take with them for later reference. Also be sure to communicate with them, encouraging them to ask questions for any reason.


Welcome the Contingent Workforce to Your Company


More and more companies are finding it necessary to bring on contingent workers to help meet company goals. The processes of finding, hiring, and onboarding this employee segment are unique, but should not be intimidating. If you have questions about how to effectively and efficiently add contingent workers to your company, contact Integrity Staffing.

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