5 Questions You Should Ask Every Candidate During the Interview

Everyone knows that when you sit down to interview your potential job candidates, you need to be prepared. For each candidate, it’s a good idea to make notes to remember what you want to learn more about job regarding their experience or skills. While each candidate is different, and each position requires some specific questions, there are five questions that you should ask every candidate during an interview.


What do you need to know? Ask these five questions.


What is your greatest weakness?

This is an important question to ask. First, you want to make sure that you hire a worker who understands that they aren’t perfect, and that are looking to continue to evolve and improve in their career. Allow the candidate some time to expand upon their initial answer, as they might actually develop this answer aloud! You will want someone who is honest and thoughtful in their response. An excellent candidate will also conclude with some idea of how they plan to tackle and overcome this weakness while learning from their superiors at your company.


What is the most difficult project you’ve ever worked on?

In a candidate’s answer, they will tell you a lot about a relevant project that helped shape them into the worker they are today. You should be able to hear a lot of details about the project, including some technical aspects, and you may also learn about how the candidate works with others on their team. Feel free to ask follow-up questions when necessary to understand more about how the experience in this difficult project shaped them as a worker.


How do you ensure you pay attention to detail?

In any position of labor, attention to detail is very important. One misstep can create a ripple effect, and not in a good way. However, work done well contributes to success for the entire company, in addition to the project at hand. Your candidate should be able to give specific examples of procedures and/or processes that they utilize to complete their work to the best of their abilities.


Why do you want to work for this company?

This might sound like a somewhat overused question, but it’s not. You want to hire a candidate who knows about your company and is passionate about contributing to your mission. A good candidate should be able to speak to some of your previous projects and clients, as well as get visibly enthusiastic about becoming part of your team.


What are you looking to get paid?

A question about salary or compensation is not just a minor question to be put off until the very end of the hiring process. You want to spend time on the candidates who you can afford, and who can also benefit from a position at your company. Knowing their expectations for pay can help you set realistic expectations and also move more quickly through the hiring process.


Be prepared to interview any candidate with these questions from Integrity Staffing


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