Speak Up! Why (and When) Your Boss Wants Your Input


Have you ever felt unsure if your opinions or ideas were valued in the workplace? Did you have an idea, even a solution to problem, but kept it to yourself, just to be safe? It’s important to share your opinions, ideas and suggestions, but there are a few things to consider to make your words well received and taken seriously.

Why You Should Speak Up

Some people think that if they stay silent, they avoid any conflict. Unfortunately, that approach can backfire. If you always stay silent, people can forget you easily. They also might think you don’t care about your job or the company, or you are indifferent about your job and overall success. A silent worker is often forgettable, even if they are a good worker.

It’s important you share your thoughts, opinions and solutions because it helps develop who you are as a professional. Taking that into consideration, it’s even more important you add value to the conversation, not just blow off steam or frustration, or add insignificant comments. When you speak, you want people to want to listen to you. Be responsible in your responses to conversations, and your co-workers and managers will respect you and what you have to say.

As you stay consistent with speaking up in a responsible way, you will begin to develop your image and reputation as a valuable worker. This is incredibly important. It will be something your managers will share with others and can follow you from project to project.

When You Should Speak Up

Now that you understand the importance of sharing your professional voice with the company, here is a list of good times to share some thoughts and feedback.

  • Brainstorming session that asks for input
  • Topic that is in your area of experience or expertise
  • If you have a question about a task or assignment
  • You think you have a better solution


This list does not define the only times you should ever speak up at your job, but they are good starting points. Remember, speaking up and sharing your ideas is really about helping to define yourself as a professional.

Build Your Confidence

To learn about other strategies to build your confidence at the workplace, visit Integrity Staffing. There are a number of resources to help you as you navigate your career.


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