5 Ways to Creating a Safe & Productive Work Environment

No matter the size of your company, workplace safety is extremely important. A safe environment promotes peace of mind, and also productivity. While it might take some time and extra effort to set up safety policies, guidelines, and protocols, it will go a long way in fostering a positive work environment for your employees.

Be sure to check the OSHA standards for your office and display mandated signs in your office. In addition to those guidelines, check out these tips.

Five Easy Ways to Create a Safe Workplace

1. Proper Uniforms.

Your employees should not only have proper uniforms, they should know exactly when and where each piece of their uniform is required. A uniform includes much more than just the shirt and pants. Some jobs may require headgear, goggles, special shoes or other protective items. Each employee should receive this information during the onboarding process, but hanging signs in the office or nearby equipment is an easy way to reinforce uniform standards.

2. Emergency Exits.

It’s important to identify emergency exits and the protocol to follow if an emergency does happen. Place signs in your building. These are helpful for your employees, obviously, but also for any visitor or client. Just a quick glance at the map will give peace of mind to your visitors and workers.

3. Health Codes.

Hand washing should be a given, but remind your employees with simple signs around the sinks in your office. Bathrooms and kitchens are also a great place to educate your employees about health code standards and cleanliness.

4. Proof the Building.

This requires more than just hanging signs. Take a walk (bring someone along for their opinions too!) throughout the office or workplace property, and consider how every part of it could be safer. For example, placing mats that will collect water off shoes when you walk inside could prevent puddles forming and workers slipping. Rubber padding or details along the edges of steps can prevent someone falling down the stairs. Maybe install motion-sensor lighting in dark areas of the building. These are just a few examples. Proofing your building, making it safer, gives your workers extra peace of mind at their jobs. They can get their work done and not worry about accidents holding up a project.

5. Monthly Discussions.

Short and sweet, these monthly meetings should only focus around safety and productivity concerns in the workplace. Give an easy forum for people to voice any concerns they have. This type of discussion boosts morale and is also very practical to making sure you continue to work in a safe environment, meet deadlines and keep your workers happy.

Let Us Help You

Need help putting these ideas into practice or getting caught up on OSHA standards? Contact Integrity Staffing. We can help you set up a safe and productive work environment for your employees.


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