3 HR Tips & Tricks You Should Master This Year

Working in human resources is a busy department in any company. As you close out the first quarter of 2017, it’s a good idea to look at ways to better improve the efficiency of the many tasks at hand.

3 Human Resources Tips to Master

These three areas are where the most progress can be made throughout the year.


1.Evaluate & Streamline Processes

When you’re looking to improve areas in your department, often you need to take a step back and evaluate how well your systems and processes are working. Is there a bottleneck when hiring a new employee? Are there processes that could be digitized and made more efficient?

These are just examples of reasons to revamp and streamline processes. If you notice that there are inefficiencies, spend some time trying to improve them so that in the future, those processes are smooth, saving both your time and the company’s money.

One major trend to wipe out duplicate work is looking at employee onboarding and benefit enrollment. What used to be all on paper can now be digitized and many human resource departments are finding their groove with these tech solutions.

2.Get Employees Interested in Professional Development

Many companies would like their employees to continue to develop their skillset or continue training in their field. Whether it’s industry specific or basic leadership, human resource managers should try to get the company employees excited about these opportunities.

Consider purchasing online training programs for the company, partnering with local universities for discounted credits, or bringing in speakers for a catered lunch. You might even want to brainstorm small rewards for employees who participate in professional development efforts.

3.Increase Employee Engagement

Getting your employees to engage in the company is a great way to help keep retention high. The best way to keep employees motivated and engaged in the company is for managers and employees to have regular (maybe, quarterly) meetings for open discussion. It’s a time for managers to get a pulse on both positive and constructive feedback relating to the company and any processes in place. These meetings shouldn’t be performance reviews or anything too formal, but still something that’s taken seriously. If they seem fruitless or a waste of time, employees will become less engaged in the company.


Are you looking to excel in your HR leadership skills and hire top talent?

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2 thoughts on “3 HR Tips & Tricks You Should Master This Year

  1. I like how you point out that many companies want their employees to continue to develop their skill set or continue training in the field, so a good human resources employee will help employees get interested in professional development. My friend is studying human resources in school right now, and she wants to get really good at her future career. It would be nice if she could receive some coaching to learn all the good skills that she’ll need.

    1. Thanks, Monica! Your friend should look into SHRM, which is the professional association for HR professionals. They will be a great resource for her.

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