Job Application Tips that Could Land You a Job

If you think you can fill out a job application the same way you did as a teenager, you are sadly mistaken. Even if you have a stellar resume, some jobs still require a formal job application to be filled out. Applications are often the first step and determining factor as to whether a hiring manager will look at your resume, cover letter, or set up an interview.

5 Job Application Tips

1.Be prepared.

Have everything you need before you begin filling out the application. The process is much more frustrating if you have constantly retrieve information. Have things like your driver’s license, past employment phone and address, beginning and ending wages, supervisor names, etc. It’s better to be over prepared than to get frustrated because you are underprepared.


2.Read and follow instructions carefully.

If you are able, read the entire application first before filling it out. If you can only go page by page because it’s being done electronically, at least read each page over. You want to be sure that you are filling it out correctly and that silly errors aren’t what hold you back from being considered for a job.


3.Tailor responses to the job you’re seeking.

When applicable, you want to construct your responses to be as relative as possible to the job you’re applying to. Highlight relevant skills and experience as best as possible to make your application stand out.


4.Don’t leave any blanks.

If you leave an area blank, that’s a quick ticket to the rejection pile. The hiring manager is looking for that information for a reason, so you should provide it. If the section does not apply to you, write “n/a” or “not applicable.” It’s much better than leaving that section blank.


5.Be truthful.

It’s always important to be truthful in your job application. You don’t need to communicate every detail – save that for the interview – but it is crucial that everything you write is honest. Many applications ask why you left a job, and this is where many people are tempted to lie if they were let go or fired. You can be vague, but still tell the truth.

Looking for more job search tips?

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