3 Career Questions You Should Never Stop Asking

As you enter into the workforce, you probably ask yourself a couple questions. “What’s my passion?” Or, “What talents do I have that I can get paid to do?” And while those are great questions to ask, especially when you’re just getting started, there are other, more fruitful questions you should ask as you continue on your career path.

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3 Career Questions to Ask Yourself

Throughout your career, it’s important to reflect on why you’re in the field you’re in and doing the work you do. But as you become more seasoned, there are more important questions to ask yourself than “What’s my passion?”

1) Does my job allow me to live my life how I want to?

At first glance, this question may seem a little…selfish? That’s quite alright. You spend a lot of time and effort during your day at your job and if it’s not contributing to being able to live the way you intend, then something needs to be reworked. Paying bills is always important, but other considerations that are important are whether or not your job allows you to achieve work-life balance. Does it allow you time to spend with your loved ones, or money to save up for a vacation? These are important factors for helping you stay happy throughout your career and avoid burnout.

2) What opportunities excite me (and how come)?

When you thought about your passion, it was probably a very vague answer or topic. By thinking about what opportunities excite you, you narrow the focus on what problems you’d like to solve on a regular basis. That’s a great distinction and will go a long way in determining how happy you are in your career. Plus, this answer can evolve as you gain experience in your industry.

3) What am I willing to give up?

As you answer the first two questions throughout your career, you may find that it’s time to pivot or get a different job. Whenever pursuing a career opportunity, you’ll have to ask what things you’re willing to give up, and what are non-negotiable. This can range from pay range, to commute time, to job title or seniority.

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