Surprising Ways to Explore Career Paths

If you’re unsure just where exactly you want your career to take you, there are plenty of ways to figure out which path is right for you. Most people turn to Google, and that’s a great place to start! Research and browsing the internet are valid methods to explore career paths.

But if you want to look into your options deeper, there are other ways to conduct research as well – ones that may surprise you!

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Unconventional Ways to Explore Career Paths

Job Shadowing

If your schedule allows it, taking the time to shadow a professional for a day is a fantastic way to see what a day in a particular career will be like. Bring along a reliable way to take notes as the day may seem like a whirlwind! Again, if you have the time, try to shadow at a few different companies so you can get a clear picture of what that career would entail.

If you don’t know a pro to ask, research a few companies, drop an email or call, then don’t be afraid to stop by in person as a follow-up. Lots of seasoned professionals were given opportunities when they were just getting started and they’re looking for ways to give back or pay it forward.


As a back-up to shadowing, interviewing professionals in your interested career paths is a great way to gain knowledge. If you don’t have time to shadow, or if the person you asked to shadow isn’t available for shadowing, this is a great alternative. It also gives you more time so you can interview several professionals.

Be prepared with lots of questions before you get on the phone. It’s best to organize your questions by topic: such as daily responsibilities, work hours, and things that they didn’t expect before their first day on the job.


Another great way to explore a career path is by volunteering in a similar capacity with an organization. Maybe a local company is sponsoring a race, and you can ask to participate in the operations. You’ll have lots of opportunities to chat about a career path with someone in the field while giving back to a great cause.

Looking for Direction?

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