Management Tips from Baseball Greats

With baseball season in full swing, many fans find any reason they can to bring the sport into their lives. If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for ways to motivate your staff, or even gain insight to get a better handle on managing your team, some baseball greats have practical tips to use.

The Big Picture

One quote to embody it all is:

“Baseball is a people game.” – Jim Leyland, MLB manager

Yes, baseball is a people game, and so is management. While you direct and guide your team to be successful, you have to get to know your team, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to help them thrive to meet goals. There are obviously a lot of details that go into being a good manager, but you must never forget that you are managing people, first and foremost.


Management Tips from Baseball Quotes


“The main idea is to win.” – John Joseph McGraw, MLB player & manager

This idea is pretty straight forward. As a manager you must set goals for your team (or with input from your team). After those goals are set and agreed upon, then the main idea is to meet those goals to be successful – to win.

There will be times when you need to alter responsibilities, hire new people, put out fires, or pivot your strategy, but at the end of each day, all these tasks are meant to make you and your team succeed.


“The old pitcher acquires confidence in his ballclub. He doesn’t try to do it all himself.” – Burleigh Arland Grimes, American professional baseball player

As a manager, you are seasoned in your industry and you have lots of trust and responsibilities placed on you. However, as the leader, you also need to be sure to place trust in your employees and delegate responsibilities. A good baseball team relies on different players for their different skills and talents. As a spectator of the sport, you would never expect one player to play all positions. The same goes for your team of employees. It’s important for you to delegate and to also recognize that each employee has different strengths and skills that they bring to your company. The better you understand and harness this practice, the more successful you will be.


“No one’s gonna give a damn in July if you lost a game in March.” – Earl Sidney Weaver, American professional baseball player & Hall of Fame major league manager

Along the way, there will be upsets. Maybe you don’t make a deadline or a goal. Maybe you made all of your deadlines, but one of them was a little sloppy. This quote wonderfully illustrates that when failure or mishaps happen, it’s important to move on and not let it hold you back. All the baseball greats or legends have failed, stumbled, and failed some more. They’ve lost games, dropped catches, and struck out. You and your team of employees will also go through tough times, but it will turn around when you focus on leading your team to success.


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