3 Reasons Why You Should Not Put Off that Tough Conversation

Being a manager or leader requires that you deal with difficult situations. Sometimes the most challenging scenarios are when you have to have a tough conversation with an employee. The one thing you don’t want to do is put off that conversation.

Difficult conversations may have to happen for a number of reasons. Maybe an employee isn’t performing as expected or required. Maybe it’s just a simple mistake that needs to be corrected. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to have these tough conversations to keep the office a healthy and productive environment.

3 Reasons to Have the Tough Conversation

If you think you can get away without addressing your employee with a difficult conversation, you are mistaken. Most managers find these conversations get easier with time, but here are some solid reasons why you shouldn’t avoid the tough, but necessary, conversation.

1) The issue doesn’t go away.

Unfortunately, avoiding the conflict or conversation doesn’t make the issue go away. In fact, it will likely make the problem worse. Plus, if it’s something that is causing you stress, you will continue to feel uneasy or aggravated and this will permeate your own work and performance. It’s much better to have the tough conversation so you both can move forward.

2) It’s not fair to the employee.

If an employee is unaware that they are doing something wrong, or that there is a conflict, they don’t have the opportunity to correct their behavior or performance, thus, they’ll never be able to live up to the expectations that you have for them. Even if they should know better, if you avoid being a good manager and correcting or addressing a problem, the employee will never be able to try again.

The problem could continue to get worse, and that could prevent the employee from moving up in the company, getting a pay increase, or being considered for new opportunities. By avoiding a necessary conversation, you are limiting that employee’s chance for growth.

3) It’s not fair to other workers.

When there is tension in the office because of a worker’s errors, it can spread to your other employees and create a negative environment. These working conditions contribute to low morale, a decrease in productivity, and it could even affect attendance. It’s best to have a difficult conversation but save the positive company culture that you worked so hard to build, than to risk the rest of your employees feeling unnecessary stress each day.

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