5 Benefits of Interview Coaching

A lot goes into finding and landing a great job. From the well-crafted resume to researching the company to be prepared in the interview, each step is thought out carefully. Many applicants miss out on the opportunity to receive interview coaching. This one step could make a big difference.

1) The Benefits of Interview Coaching

Even if you’ve taken notes and are well-prepared for the interview, chances are you still have some nerves. This is perfectly common but it doesn’t have to be a necessary evil about job interviewing.

2) Get rid of nerves

Since you don’t go on job interviews for a living, you’re bound to have some nerves. When you have a professional coach you through practice interviews, it will help you feel more confident as well as help you identify any habits you have with your body language.

3) Refine responses

Getting time to practice interviewing with a professional interview coach will help you refine your responses, making them more succinct and purposeful. You will also use the practice opportunities to recall any important information that you may have forgotten about in your own preparation. The interview coach can help you decide on the best information to include in your interview responses.

4) Honest critique

Do you have bad habits such as saying, “like” or “um” too often? Maybe your voice gets lower as you complete a sentence and you become hard to hear. Do you fidget or look at the floor when talking? A professional interview coach is there for one reason: to make you the best version of yourself for an interview. They will give you honest critique in addition to strategies that will help you improve any nervous habits or tendencies.

5) Become familiar with different types of interviews

The world is changing and it’s common for companies to practice a variety of interviews as they find their new talent. Interview coaching will help you feel comfortable and confident in any type of interview: Skype, Google Hangout, phone, group interviews, or traditional. Even if you think you’ve got the traditional interview down, a different technology can change everything and it’s important to be versatile for whatever interview you might have to do.


Get Prepared for Any Interview

If you’re ready to take advantage of interview coaching, or if you need help writing your resume, contact Integrity Staffing.

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