Jobs Outlook for Northeast Ohio

Interested in learning about the job outlook of Northeast Ohio? A diverse and hard-working population make Northeast Ohio a great setting for a growing and healthy job market.

Growing industries from food production to health care to manufacturing contribute to a less-than average unemployment rate and a promising job outlook for all types of job seekers.

Healthy Industries in Northeast Ohio


Many companies are establishing offices in the region which greatly improves the job market. In recent years companies, such as Ford Motor Co., have relocated operations to the area. Ford’s production facility opening in 2015 gave a significant boost in employment and is on track to continue to provide those same jobs and more in the coming years.

Health Care

Health care is another booming industry, and experts expect over 80,000 jobs to become available in the next eight years due to new positions at hospitals, health technology companies and natural job replacement. In fact, Northeast Ohio is a leading region for health care throughout the entire country.

Food Production

In addition to the hustle of the metro areas, there is plenty of rural space in Northeast Ohio which contributes to plenty of food production that supports the local economy. This industry, because of rural location, also is helpful in providing jobs to many workers who live in those rural areas. Accessibility to work is very important to keeping Northeast Ohio a healthy work environment.

Shale Development

New technologies associated with this long-time industry are a major contributor to healthy job growth in the region. Hydraulic fracturing is booming and allowing many energy companies to create jobs. Natural gas jobs also remain steady in the area and provides great opportunities for workers with this interest.

How to Take Advantage of the Northeast Ohio Job Market

As a job seeker, this outlook should make you excited. So many different industries with promising job opportunities! Plus, these companies are eager to find qualified employees within the region. Companies and corporation are working with staffing agencies to help them find the best candidates so job seekers should also try to work with staffing companies to be considered a good match. These relationships will help not only help job seekers find a job, but also help the economy grow and stay healthy, which will eventually lead to more growth in Northeast Ohio.

Find the Right Job in Northeast Ohio

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