5 Tips for Dealing with a Tough Boss

In a perfect world, you’d have a perfect boss. Well, the world certainly isn’t perfect, and your boss is human so chances are, he or she isn’t perfect either. Whether your boss is moody, has anger issues, chooses to micromanage, or is just downright unpleasant, you have to get your job done well.

5 Tips to HelpYou Deal with a Tough Boss

Since you can’t control the type of boss you have as your professional leader, it’s a good thing that you can control how you react to your boss’ behavior and personality. The way you react to your boss, regardless of how tough they might be, will make a difference in how successful you are at your job. Here are five tips to deal with your boss and progress in your career.

1) Be Fair in Your Assessment

If you have a tough boss, it can be easy to find each and every flaw they have and hold it against them. It’s important to let go of that tendency and be fair in your critique of your boss. Is their behavior or attitude truly “bad” or can you look beyond some flaws? Whatever goes on, you should try your hardest to give your boss a clean slate each day. It will start each day on a positive note in addition to help you create a healthy relationship with your boss.

2) Refuse to Let it Affect Your Work

No matter how unpleasant your boss may be, for whatever reason, you have a job to do. You cannot let their behavior affect your work. Whether you need to vent to an out-of-the-office friend, or listen to motivational talks during lunch, you must stay focused and motivated to get your work done well and on time. Arriving late, or taking longer on projects to be spiteful will backfire and is of course, unprofessional.

3) Try to Stay One Step Ahead

As you get to know your manager, you will begin to learn what they expect from you before they tell you. Instead of waiting for every direction, anticipate the needs and wants of your boss. This can help you avoid listening to extra directions and also may help please your boss, taking some tension out of the situation.

4) Identify Triggers – Then Avoid Them

The more receptive you are to what makes your boss frustrated, the more you can do to make the day go smoother. When you identify the things, events, or situations, that create added stress for your boss, you should do your best to avoid those triggers. Whenever possible, do your best set the day up for smooth success.

5) Step Up and Be a Leader

No, this isn’t permission to step on any toes or take over your boss’ job. Instead, if you feel like you’re lacking a leader to learn from, what you can do instead is take initiative to learn leadership best practices. Communicate clearly, look for opportunity, be strategic in your thinking and actions. You’ll learn a lot from diving into the action and you’ll probably excel in your career from the added opportunity to learn more each day.

Become Your Best Self in the Workplace

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