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As a leader in your company, you often think about how to keep your employees motivated. It might get overwhelming at times, but motivating your employees can be as easy as having a conversation – a motivational conversation.

What is a Motivational Conversation?

One thing that’s important to understand is that motivation should be considered a skill. It can take regular practice for managers to help motivate employees and for employees to motivate themselves. Having regular, individual conversations with your employees is a wonderful way to help your employees motivated. These conversations don’t need to be long or particularly formal, but should be seen as a way to check in with employees.

What to Ask Employees During Motivational Conversations

During individual motivational conversation, ask your employee what motivates them to do their work. As their manager, your goal is to help them identify motivating factors. Some employees will know this more readily than others, but every worker has these factors. Upon understanding how your employee stays motivated at work, you’ll also want to ask how their work environment supports them.

Tips to a Great Motivational Conversation

  • Remember that not every conversation you have with your employee has to be formal. While you do hope to gain valuable insight about your worker, create a comfortable atmosphere. This will help your employee more willing to open up.
  • Your individual motivational conversation with each employee will be ongoing. Take notes and keep a file so that when you have a follow-up conversation or meeting, you can pick up where you left off. Obviously, this will illustrate your investment in your employee’s motivation and their success at the company.
  • Be a good conversationalist. Ask open ended questions, follow-up questions, and be sure to really listen to your worker when you have your conversation. Your employee will value your attention, and you’ll really learn a lot during these conversations.

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