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Writing a resume is one of those daunting tasks, no matter how experienced you are in your field. From being uncomfortable writing about your own accomplishments to making sure you come across professional, there’s always a lot to consider.

5 Helpful Tips to Write a Stellar Resume

If you’re looking for a handful of help as you write your resume, these tips are quick and easy to apply so you can draft up a quality resume relatively quickly.

Tip #1:

Speak to the Employer. As you begin to write your resume, you may be tempted to only speak about your own accomplishments and experience, and while that makes sense, you absolutely should consider what the employer is looking for. What do they want to see? Try to think about what the employer is looking for (look at the job description) and then address those wants and needs if you’re able to.

Tip #2:

Focus on Core Skills. While you speak to what the employer is looking for, it’s also important that you include core skills that are relevant and quantifiable. For every skill that you list in your experience, you should try to add quantifiable evidence to your resume. Refrain from including irrelevant skills just to take up space on the document.

Tip #3:

Update & Refresh. If you already have a resume, it’s imperative that keep your resume up-to-date with both content and also format. As you gain more experience, prune your resume to show the most relevant, quantifiable, and recent accomplishments rather than every single point of your career.

Tip #4:

Get an Outside Opinion. As you are refreshing and refining your resume, you should ask a colleague, friend, or mentor to look over your resume for any constructive feedback and opinions. Another pair of eyes is such a valuable resource for making sure everything reads well, plus, another person will be able to find typos better! You don’t have to take every piece of advice they might offer, but their opinions could offer a lot of value.

Tip #5:

Follow this Template. If you are in need of a resume redesign, or need help writing your first resume, use this template to guide you. It’s simple, professional, and easy to adjust to any type of career length or experience.

Job Search & Resume Help

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