Cost Effective Ways to Get to Work Each Day

People will periodically consider how they can trim their household expenses, and one popular time of year is when the holidays are around the corner. There are many different ways to cut spending, and one way that can make a big difference is finding cost-effective ways to commute to work each day.

4 Cost Effective Ways to Commute to Your Job

Driving to your job each day is the obvious choice for many when it comes to commuting. However, it can also be the most expensive option. Thankfully, if you are considering how you can spend less of your paycheck on dull expenses, choosing a cost-effective commuting option can save you big bucks.

1) Public Transportation

Mass transit options aren’t always an easy switch, but if you live in an area that offers a well-designed public transportation system, you should definitely consider it to trim your expenses. No, it’s not free, and rate increases happen without your approval, but chances are it will be cheaper than driving to work every day, plus you can the most of your commute. Podcasts, getting work done, and reading are just a few useful ways to spend your time while riding a bus or subway.

2) Biking

Definitely not for everyone, but for some, biking is a great way to commute to work. This is more of a seasonal option, especially in Northeast Ohio, but cutting the cost of driving to and from work every day for three to four months would absolutely help you save more of your hard-earned money. More and more communities are becoming biker friendly, so this option isn’t as scary as it might sound. If you’re a bit nervous, but curious to make biking to a work a reality, visit a local bike pro shop to get quality gear, biking rules for the road, and you should also get on the road to become confident and comfortable.

3) Car Pool

Carpooling has been a cash-saving commuting solution forever, and for good reason. It doesn’t take too much adjustment or change in your lifestyle and it can save quite a bit of money. Often times, people get together who work and live nearby each other and take turns driving the commute, which saves on gas money, as well as wear and tear on your car.

4) Adjust Hours

A more dramatic solution, however, very common, is to adjust your commuting hours to shorten your time in the car. Shortening your time in the car will cut back on gas expenses. Many people, once used to their earlier or later hours, find that they get some extra work done when their office is quieter and the decreased time in the car also improves their mood for the rest of the day.

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