Why You Can’t Afford Not to Partner with Integrity Staffing Services for On-Site Workforce Solutions

If you have a lot of temporary staffers working at your company, and you also have your full-time and part-time employees, you have a lot to manage. Because temporary workers function a bit differently than other employees, it is worth your time and money to consider Integrity Staffing for on-site workforce management.

What is On-Site Workforce Management?

As the management services of your temporary workers, Integrity Staffing would act as an extension of your human resources department. Just scratching the surface, this would increase your staffing efficiency, ensures the safety of your staff, and manages other employment-related functions for your staffing staff.

3 Ways Your Company Could Benefit from On-Site Workforce Solutions

1) Administrative Responsibilities

When you have a lot of staff to manage, you have a lot of administrative work that goes along with your workforce. From scheduling, to timecards, payroll, to customized reports, and handling any administrative issue or conflict, a whole day can slip away keeping up with these important tasks. An on-site staffing manager would be responsible for all of these duties of the temporary workforce, leaving you free to work with your other employees and focus on other responsibilities in human resources.

2) Keeping up with Seasonal Staffing Demands

If you have a company that has busy seasons which require surges in recruitment and hiring of temporary workers, then this is another responsibility that an on-site staffing manager from Integrity Staffing would own. The manager would help forecast the needs of your company so that you are appropriately staffed during peak and non-peak times of the year.

3) Improve Efficiency of Temporary Staff

Another major responsibility of an on-site staffing manager is to motivate and encourage the temporary workforce to be as productive as possible, while keeping morale high. From daily check-ins to conflict-resolution, the manager keeps things going smoothly among your temps, helping the group lead your company to the success you’re aiming for.

All of these benefits of on-site workforce management help to trim down costs associated with employee turnover and unproductive workers. By hiring Integrity Staffing to provide on-site workforce solutions, your investment will directly contribute to your company’s overall success.

Learn More About Integrity Staffing for On-Site Workforce Solutions

If you’re not sure whether or not your company would benefit from an onsite staffing manager, or have questions about any staffing needs, contact Integrity Staffing.

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