Compliance Updates: Are You Ready for 2018?

Any year can bring about changes to labor laws, but election years tend to be even more busy for compliance updates. There’s no doubt that 2017 had quite a few updates for employers to take note of. Now is a good time to make sure that your office is running compliantly to avoid any penalties.

Compliance Updates from 2017 – Are You Up to Date?

As you’re getting ready to embark on a new year with refreshed focus on company goals, you also want to be sure that your company is running compliantly to avoid any hiccups or penalties. These are significant updates from 2017 that you need to consider.

Salary History Ban

Over the past year, there has been an increase of participating cities in states implementing a salary history ban. This means that it’s unlawful for employers to ask for salary history when applicants are filling out paperwork or during an interview.

Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana Use

What may have seemed like a far-out idea a few years ago has become a reality quite quickly: 29 states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. While this is not a federal law, it’s certainly making waves across the country on the state level. The legalization of medicinal marijuana does not include any work-related protection, meaning the employer still has the freedom to employ or let go workers who choose to use this new form of legalized medicine. Fewer states have legalized recreational marijuana use, but it is gaining momentum as well.

Ban the Box Laws

Another law that is becoming more popular on the state level is the ban the box laws, which prohibits employers from making a criminal history inquiry until after a conditional offer has been made. If after a conditional offer is made and the company chooses not to hire the applicant, the employer must provide a written explanation of why the offer is rescinded. This can be a little tricky to navigate, so if your state has this law in effect, it is beneficial to seek some legal advice to avoid unintentionally breaking the law and incurring penalties.

Looking Ahead in 2018

This past year has taught employers that a lot can change in regulations, and labor laws. To prepare, it’s best to stay in tune with changes at both the government and state levels. These regulatory changes can affect both the public and private sectors and you don’t want to risk penalties for not being compliant. If you want help navigating through the changes, don’t hesitate to contact Integrity Workforce Solutions.

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