New Year’s Resolutions that are Great for Your Job Too

New year’s resolutions should include much more than just health or diet goals. Instead, make resolutions for your job that can help you make progress in your entire career and also affect how you meet other goals in your life, like creating a bigger savings account and finding work life balance.

5 Career Resolutions You Should Make in the New Year

1) Look Ahead

Know your options for career advancement within your company. What do those workers do? What skills must they have to perform efficiently? Would you enjoy working in that position? You can always ask your manager or another colleague to help explain to you what advancement looks like so you can get a better idea of how to excel at your career.

2) Know Your Company’s Goals

Being an employee and working to fulfill your position’s goals should be your main focus, but not your only focus. You should also understand the overall company goals and how your day-to-day work is helping the company succeed. Knowing overarching goals can help inspire you during hard or mundane days and it also demonstrates to your supervisors that you are invested in the well-being of the company.

3) Be Ethical

Regardless of what position you have at your company, it’s extremely important that you are honest in your work. Put in honest hours whether you work in an office, in the field, or remotely at home. Get your work done with true effort and focus. This is why you were hired and you should do your best each day to demonstrate integrity at your job.

4) Take Initiative

Occasionally, you should think about how you can go above and beyond your role. Without stepping on toes or experiencing burnout, aim to help a coworker, become interested in projects outside your usual scope, and ask to be a part of something new. Not only will this help you learn more and develop a more well-rounded skill set, but you will connect better with your coworkers and supervisors. All these benefits from taking initiative will help you grow at your company and in your career.

5) Communicate with Your Manager

The employee-manager relationship is a two-way deal. Don’t leave everything up to your manager. If you have questions or concerns, talk to your manager. Ask for feedback so you can be a better employee. Don’t wait for a performance review to talk to your manager. Even if your manager seems too busy, they’ll be genuinely relieved that you are looking for ways to be a better employee and will respond to your questions, even if that means it’s via email, after regular hours.

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