4 Areas You Can Control to Improve Outcome of On-Boarding Processes

As a human resources professional, you understand how important it is for new employees to be welcomed and integrated into your company right from the start. The onboarding process is said to have a large effect on employee retention and overall employee satisfaction. For something so important to the health of your company, every HR professional should take an honest look at how they can improve their onboarding processes.

4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Onboarding Processes

There’s a lot that happens in your day that you can’t control, especially with so many varied responsibilities. Thankfully, when it comes to creating or improving the onboarding processes, you can control quite a bit. An effective onboarding process can help employees feel welcome, improve their performance, and lead to higher employee retention. Here are four ways you can develop an onboarding process that benefits your employees and the company for the long road.

1. Prepare & Plan

Organization is key to every onboarding process. Before your new hire comes for their first day of work, you should have your entire onboarding process planned out and all of the paperwork ready. While some companies give paperwork to new hires digitally, before they even report for day one, if you save this step for when they walk in the doors, be sure that you have everything ready in a folder for your new hire. The more prepared you are, the more productive you can be right away.

2. Create a Schedule & a Follow-Up Calendar

To go in line with being organized, before the official onboarding process begins, you should have a schedule all laid out for your new hire. The schedule for the onboarding process will most likely include other employees who are responsible for certain areas of training, so be sure you confirm your schedule with everyone involved.

You should also make notes on your own calendar to follow-up with your new hire. These follow-ups are beneficial to make sure the new employee feels comfortable and confident in their new position and with any processes or procedures they must follow.

3. Make it Social

Some new hires may be a bit nervous as they start at a new job. One way to ease their nerves and make them feel a part of the team is to take them around to meet other employees and schedule in some social time during the onboarding process. Another way to add a social element to onboarding is scheduling a catered lunch for the new hire and members of their team. It doesn’t have to be fancy. This small gesture can help them break the ice with coworkers and have a positive impact throughout their training and onboarding.

4. Train Your Onboarding Team

Most likely, you’ll have other employees who play a role in the onboarding processes. As you develop these processes, you must be sure that everyone is trained and on the same page so the new hire will get a consistent message throughout their onboarding.

Develop Your Plan

If you need help developing your onboarding processes for new hires, contact Integrity Workforce Solutions.

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