5 Ways to Manage Workplace Expectations

One of the best, yet underutilized, skills of a good manager is the ability to manage workplace and employee expectations. Being able to properly manage expectations in the workplace can help avoid common and unnecessary drama. Plus, employees are happier and more productive, leading to more success overall.

5 Ways to Manage Expectations in the Workplace

If you’re looking for practical ways to manage workplace expectations, check out these ideas.

1) Don’t Make Any Assumptions

You should never assume that your employees automatically understand a project, deadline, or performance expectations the same way you do. Instead, you need to have a conversation with your employees about what is expected from them in any project and the metrics with which you measure success. Be sure to give your employees the chance to ask questions.

2) Always Communicate

A good manager has open communication with their employees. Throughout the duration of a project, you should be checking in with employees, making sure they understand what’s expected of them and clarifying any questions someone might have. Regularly communicating with your employees will give you the opportunity to adjust plans if needed and even put some employee ideas and feedback to good use.

3) Be Firm with Follow-Through

As you make expectations clear to your employees, you also want to be sure to stick to your guns and follow through. If you become too lax with following through on expectations, you’ll send mixed signals and employees won’t take you seriously.

4) Show Appreciation & Rewards

One way to help demonstrate follow-through is to show appreciation or even give small rewards to employees who meet and exceed expectations. From small gift cards to PTO time, to a company-wide or personal email shout-out, there are many ways to show genuine appreciation to employees for a job well done. Employee acknowledgment will also boost morale and productivity.

5) Give & Ask for Feedback

As you implement any new processes or practices in the workplace, it’s important to ask your employees for feedback and also to share any feedback that you may have with your colleagues. Understand what’s working, what can improve, and how to best move forward and implement these new standards. The more you collaborate with your workers, the more ideas you have to choose from to create a successful way of managing expectations.

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