5 Ways Your Personality Can Help You During Your Next Interview

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a job interview, but one thing that’s already done is your personality. You don’t have to revamp or redo your personality to meet the requirements of any job position and interview. Showcased authentically, your personality can be an asset during your next job interview.

How Your Personality Can Help You During Your Next Job Interview

It’s important that you don’t worry about being anybody but who you are. A hiring manager or recruiter is able to spot a faker quickly and it’s a sure way to be left out of further consideration for the job. Embrace your personality and let it help you during your next interview.

1) Mesh Your Personality with the First Impression

Before you head to the interview, you should take a few minutes to consider what first impression you want to make with the company. During this preparation, you want to think about what the job position requires and what personality traits help you deliver on those needs. You’ll want highlight those personality traits while you make your first impression.

2) Unwind Before Your Interview to Feel Your Best Self

Arrive to the interview site a bit early so you have time to unwind, collect your thoughts, and feel calm. Having time to relax before your interview will allow you to feel more comfortable and natural, allowing your personality to shine instead of nerves.

3) Be Calm & Confident in Yourself & Your Answers

You can be unapologetically you, while remaining professional, during your interview. When you are calm and tastefully confident in your interview answers, you give the hiring manager a chance to see your true self. Every person conducting an interview appreciates an authentic candidate rather than a person who is acting or being fake.

4) Give Relevant Examples that Showcase Your Talents & Uniqueness

During your interview prep, as you look at popular and potential interview questions, you should consider how you can answer those questions in a way that showcases your unique personality.

5) Let it Spill Over to the Courtesy Email

The interview isn’t over until your follow-up courtesy email is sent, so allow your personality to be crafted in the written form. If you’re more fun-loving, no need to have a stiff closing like “Sincerely.” However, if “Sincerely” is your style, then feel free to use it! Just as advised for the interview, be yourself.

Need Interview Help?

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