Just Got the Job? What Should You Do Next?

Congratulations! You got the job offer! After weeks or months of searching for the right opportunities, applying to jobs, and preparing for interviews, you can close that chapter of your professional life and embark on this new, exciting one. After you finish your celebratory dance, there are a few things you should do to make the most of this great news.

What Should I Do After Receiving a Job Offer?

You’ve worked really hard to receive this job offer. Now, it’s time to make the most of it. Follow these follow-up tips.

1) Carefully Review the Offer Letter

It’s important that you review the offer letter for your new job. Even if you asked specific questions during the interview process about health insurance, compensation, start date, or other details, you need to review the official offer letter before you sign any paperwork. Be sure the job offer works for your career goals and also your lifestyle. Once you sign any paperwork, it’s much trickier to negotiate or even abandon.

2) Plan Your Transition

If you are currently working while you’re accepting a new job offer, you must coordinate and plan your transition. Your new company will respect your intentions to leave your current job in a good and respectful way. While most companies appreciate a two weeks notice, some companies are flexible. It’s usually a good idea to plan your new start date no sooner than two weeks after signing paperwork. Then, if your current company doesn’t need you for those full two weeks, you have somedowntimee, or can start even earlier.

3) Send Thank You Notes

As you get ready to depart your current job, take some time to write thank you notes to your managers and close colleagues. Keeping ties with your coworkers is smart for your career and also personally enriching. You can also write a thank you note to the recruiter or hiring manager who helped make this new job possible.

Want to Find the Right Job?

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