Small Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Company’s Culture

Managing your workforce isn’t simple. Creating a culture for your workforce that is positive and productive can be. Some managers get overwhelmed when they think about how to create a healthy company culture, but that’s just because they’re overthinking things.

Improve Your Company’s Culture with 5 Small Changes

There are some easy changes that you can implement that will greatly improve your company culture. Remember, a healthy culture can foster greater performance and productivity as well as increase employee retention. Take a look at these five small changes.

1) Embrace Transparency

Employers and workers should try to be on the same page as much as possible. While a manager doesn’t have to share every single detail about the company’s operations, employees should know company goals, how they are being evaluated, and the trajectory. This creates the invaluable quality of trust. When employees trust the company they are working so hard for, it helps increase employee retention and also daily productivity.

2) Foster Coworker Collaboration

Not all projects are group-oriented, and some job positions tend to be like a silo. When it’s possible, managers should encourage workers to team up to accomplish a project or task. In addition, it’s a good idea to host simple work events that allow your employees to get to know each other. As employees develop more personal relationships with each other, they are likely to ask for feedback from one another, be more inclined to work together for greater solutions, and this also increases productivity and retention in the long term.

3) Recognize & Reward

Employees like to know when their work is appreciated and when they are doing a good job. Think about it: a compliment is always nice to hear. As a supervisor, you should try to give out those compliments when it’s possible. When you recognize a worker for their efforts and accomplishments, it does a lot to boost their morale. You can also consider giving out monthly, quarterly, or project-based rewards (a small gift card, perhaps) for meeting certain goals or surpassing expectations. It should be mentioned also, that constructive feedback is another practice that improves the culture at a company.

4) Be Flexible

When it’s possible, try to be flexible or encourage flexibility. An easy example of this would be to offer flexible work conditions around major holidays. If the employees don’t have work they have to do at the office, let them work at a home office. These simple gestures go a long way in boosting employee morale, which also creates a company culture that employees like to be a part of.

5) Communicate Core Values & Purpose

This point is often overlooked by employers, but it can greatly improve a company’s culture. By communicating the core values and purpose of the company, you give your employees something greater that drives them to meet goals, exceed expectations, and stive for success. Understanding that their work is affecting more than just their own job is a huge motivation for many workers to continue to give their best, even when times can get a little trying.

Looking for More Ways to Motivate?

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