How Do You Help Your Team Adjust to a New Manager?

Big and small changes in the office can affect your workers and their performance. Changes in the workplace, especially when it deals with personnel, can cause stress among the entire workforce, even if there isn’t anything to worry about. As a human resources professional or supervisor, it’s important that you do what you can to minimize panic and anxiety so performance and morale can stay its best.

3 Ways to Help Your Team Adjust to a New Manager

To minimize friction when a new manager is hired, follow these tips. You’ll help the entire team feel more comfortable with the change and keep worker performance high.

1) Observe & Analyze Your Team

Before you go ahead and implement change, you should try to observe and understand how your team handles change. Some workers will shut down and keep to themselves, others might dip in performance. Hopefully some of your employees respond well to change. However your employees handle change, it’s your job to understand their needs and help them make a smooth transition.

2) Make Adjustments

When workers react negatively to change, sometimes the main reason may be miscommunication or misunderstandings. Before you make your managerial changes, take time to effectively communicate to your staff the personnel change, what it means to the company, to the other workers, and why it’s a positive change. Also, based on your observations to other changes, you will be able to make appropriate adjustments so that productivity and morale can stay high instead of taking a negative dip.

3) Coordinate Introduction Meetings

While your team shouldn’t expect to get along like best friends right away (or ever), it is important that the new manager and team members get to know each other both on a personal and professional level. You can coordinate 1-1 meetings or even small group meetings to let everyone get to break the ice and get on the same page.

Lead a Positive and Productive Office

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