Do I Need a Resume?

What might seem like an antiquated practice, job resumes, is still relevant in 2018. Sure, employers can find out a lot about a job candidate through LinkedIn, Facebook Jobs, or other new platforms, but an official resume is still requested by most companies. While some online job board sites can generate a resume for you based on work history or educational experience, they often still need formatting and tweaking. It’s easier and better to write your own resume and tweak it for each new job opportunity.

Why You Need a Resume

Now that we’ve established the fact that you need a resume, let’s talk about why. A resume is a clear and concise document that tells the employer what you are looking for, and why you’re a qualified candidate for the job based on your education and work history, and previous accomplishments and skills. That’s a lot of information squeezed onto one page!

While the resume may seem like one of the most difficult things you write, you can follow great tips to make it easier and more effective.

3 Resume Writing Tips to Make it Stand Out

Tip #1: Be Precise and Concise

The 2018 job market is healthy. To increase your chances of writing an effective resume for your dream job, be precise about applying to jobs. Don’t write a blanket resume and send it out to all your prospective opportunities. Instead, find jobs that you truly want to have and revise your resume so it perfectly answers the needs of the job post.

You also want to keep your resume quick and easy to read. Use active language to quickly tell the hiring manager why you’re the qualified person for the job.

Tip #2: Be Visible and Visual

Yes, you need a traditional resume. However, don’t be afraid to be a little creative to call attention to your accomplishments or skills on your resume. Formatting shouldn’t be confusing or cluttered, but you can change it up from old and boring to grab the recruiter’s attention.

It’s also important that while you perfect your traditional resume,  you also keep a buttoned-up presence on social media sites like LinkedIn. It is a place that hiring managers and recruiters are scouring, so it’s important to keep it up to date and professional.

Tip #3: Be Digital

It truly doesn’t matter what field or industry you are working in; your technological knowledge is important and valuable. Be sure to list what types of digital and tech skills you are proficient in (Microsoft Word doesn’t count). If you feel as though you are lacking in this area, take some online or weekend courses to learn a new technological skill that would be helpful in increasing your marketability in your profession.


Need More Resume or Job Searching Help?

If you would like more help on writing an eye-catching resume for 2018, or would like help finding the right job opportunity for you, check out these great jobs in the Cleveland area and apply today!

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