What Great Jobs Should You Keep an Eye Out for in the Cleveland Area?

The state of Ohio has is a state of change, especially in recent years when the economy has seen consistent growth. With a growing economy and job market, those looking for a new career or a secure job have solid choices.

8 Reliable Jobs in Cleveland

These jobs are in high demand and their growth potential means that they are secure jobs that aren’t disappearing any time soon.


Prepares work to be accomplished by gathering parts, reading instructions, and studying specifications. Can work in a variety of industries.

General Labor

Responsibilities vary, from cleaning or preparing a work site, to loading or unloading materials. Can work with a variety of tools, which may require different skills or experience.

Cost Accountant

Responsible for planning, studying, and collecting data to determine the costs of a business activity. This includes raw material purchases, labor costs, inventory, and other costs associated with projects.

Machine Operator

Works with computerized equipment or mechanically-based machines to make sure they are set up well, working properly, and producing quality products.

Manufacturing Engineer

Evaluates manufacturing processes by designing and conducting research programs. Knowledge of product design, fabrication, assembly, tooling, equipment and other factors play an important role.

Purchasing Coordinator

Coordinates and manages all activities during the purchasing process.

Production Coordinator

Ensures that the production department meets its quality assurance and scheduling goals by planning, scheduling, executing, and directing production activities.

Quality Coordinator

Ensures that standards are met in company procedures. They review procedures, policies, and programs to evaluate existing practices at a company. Can work in a variety of industries.

Get Yourself a Secure Job in Cleveland

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