Is Your Company Culture Pushing Great Employees Out?

Most managers know by now that healthy company culture creates a more productive work environment, less employee turnover, and can lower operating costs. But some organizations still fall into bad company culture habits.

4 Ways Your Bad Company Culture is Pushing Employees Out

It may be out of habit and unintentional, but there are some key traits of bad company culture that can push your employees out of your company, looking for something better. Be sure to avoid these five company culture mistakes.

1. Strict Rules for No Reason

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a company to have a few rules, or sets of rules, that are irrelevant. Whether these rules are out-of-date or created just for the sake of having rules, they can bring down employee morale and cause employees to leave the company. Such rules can include a strict dress code, unrelenting start and end times, or specific lunch hour times without flexibility.

Of course, every company needs to have parameters and expectations, so be sure to communicate the company’s expectations and then allow for some flexibility to meet your employees’ needs.

2. Lack of Leadership

Whenever a company creates a culture, it’s important that managers and supervisors demonstrate to their employees how to live in this culture. As you establish your rules, the leaders must follow these rules. If workers see leadership bending or breaking the rules or going against company culture consistently, it can cause a lot of tension and it can cause employees to leave the company.

3. Established Cliques

It’s quite common for employees within organizational departments to be friendly with each other as they work together frequently. However, it can be toxic when employees develop exclusive cliques and others feel left out. To avoid this problem, consider holding social company gatherings, like luncheons or happy hours, so your employees can get to know one another in an informal setting.

4. Poor Communication

Poor communication within an organization is one of the top reasons why employees look for other employment. From creating confusion to ignoring problems, there are many ways that poor communication to take form.

Create Healthy Company Culture

If you want tips on how to make your company culture healthy, positive, and productive, contact Integrity Staffing Services.

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