3 Ways to Show You Love Your Job This Year

Do you love your job? If you answered ‘yes’ that’s great! Does your boss or manager know that you love your job? If this answer is unclear, maybe you should do a few easy things to show just how much you love working at your job.

Why Should You Show Your Appreciation?

It’s a good idea to show that you love your job for a few reasons. One reason is that it can help with job security. Employers will want to keep workers who enjoy their work rather than those who grumble through every task or assignment. Another reason is that it’s always nice to spread some positivity around the office. Everyone, coworkers and managers alike, need a morale boost once in a while – and a happy employee can be that boost.

3 Ways to Show You Love Your Job

You don’t have to go around spreading love for your job in an annoying way. Not only will it irritate people, but it will come disingenuine and fake. Here are some more appropriate and tasteful ways to communicate your love for your job.

1. Ask How to Help

If your company is super busy and has more work than they can handle, offer to pick up a few extra responsibilities so your team or company can meet their goals and deadlines. Maybe your manager or coworker has a big presentation or hit a roadblock on a project. Offer to help brainstorm or problem-solve. Being proactive and helping out will not only gain you more experience in your profession, but it clearly communicates to your coworkers and your superiors that you care about the company’s success and you love your job.

2. Reflect on Your Performance

As in every area of your life, you should reflect on your performance and basically conduct your own performance review. Are you meeting or exceeding your standards? Is there anything that you are underperforming on? What hardships are you encountering on the job and do you know how to overcome them? Once you do some reflection, talk with your manager about any questions you might have. They’ll be happy to help you improve your performance and they’ll be delighted to realize that you’re taking the time to consider how you can become a better worker. Being your best self at work truly shows how much you love your job.

3. Spread the Good News

If you love your job, talk highly about it with others. Sometimes, it’s common to complain about work, and you can certainly have complaints about the job while still loving it, but rather than participating in negative conversation, talk about the good things. Another way to spread the word would be to post job openings at your company on social media.

Your Best Career

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