3 Tips for Applying to Job Openings

When it comes to applying for a new job, it’s easy to get stressed out. To make things less daunting during your application process, follow these major tips when you apply to job openings.

3 Tips You Must Follow When Applying to Job Openings

Tip #1: Thoroughly read job descriptions and tailor your application to stand out.

Don’t make the mistake of skimming through the job descriptions. First of all, you want to be sure you’re applying to a job you can do or would enjoy doing everyday.

But also, you will use the job description to tailor your resume and application to stand out. Identify keywords in the description and be sure to include them in your customized cover letter and resume (yes, you must have a unique cover letter and resume for each different job opening).

Not only will a tailored application stand out to the employer, but if you’re submitting an online application, it will be picked up by the software as a good match for the job opening because of your usage of keywords.

Tip #2: Update and clean up your social media profiles.

By now, you should understand that your presence on social media is important when you’re applying to jobs. Recruiters and managers will use Google and other Internet sites to learn a bit more about you. Take the time to view your social media profiles with an unbiased eye.

You should definitely tidy up your profiles so that the employer can see your maturity and professionalism – not rowdy memories from college years or immature whining. In addition to cleaning up your social media image, be sure to update your profiles to reflect your most recent job history and any new skills or certifications you’ve earned.

Tip #3: Review all of your documents and information.

No matter how you apply to a new job opening, whether it be through snail mail or online job boards, review all your documents one last time. Check for spelling and typos, for valuable and compelling content, and be sure you completed everything that they’re asking for in the application process. Do not forget to include any documents and don’t leave any answers blank. If you apply to a job using an online job board, be sure you’ve attached the correct documents and that you complete each field they request.

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