Nitty-Gritty Leadership Skills You Need to Manage All Personalities

To be a good manager and leader for your team, you need to be able to connect with a variety of people and their personalities. Yes, many companies hire workers who will fit within the culture, but each person is different and as a good manager, it’s important to recognize and lead accordingly.

5 Must-Have Leadership Skills to Be an Effective Manager for All Personalities

Regardless of whether you are managing an introvert or extrovert, a perfectionist or a procrastinator, your leadership skills must reach and affect them all. Here are five important leadership skills you need to effectively manage everyone on your team.

1) The Ability to Relate to Anyone

As a leader, you will manage all types of people who bring different ideas to your team. Each worker has their own set of strengths and comes with unique experiences that shape their point of view and personality. It’s important that you try to relate to each person. The ability to relate to someone does not mean that you have to agree with everyone – that’s not possible. But you should have well-rounded views, listen to different ideas or feedback, and be able to agree or disagree with a person respectfully.

2) Be an Active Listener

A manager must be able to communicate with each member of their team effectively. A main part of effective communication is being an active listener. While it might take some practice, active listening is rare, but an excellent first step to being a strong communicator. To be an active listener, you completely listen to the person, giving them your full attention. After the person has finishes speaking, then you formulate your response and deliver it. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately most people begin formulating their responses before the person is even finished talking! Correct this skill, and you will greatly improve your communication skills.

3) Supportive and Motivating

Everyone likes to know they are valued and that someone is cheering for them. No matter what position an employee is in, they will get a boost from a motivating manager, encouraging them at their projects. A boosted morale for your team will lead to greater productivity, overall, but even in stressful times, a supportive manager can lift up that team and lead them to success.

4) Flexibility

A leader who can manage all kinds of workers will be flexible. They’ll be able to shift focus when needed. When problems or roadblocks arise, it’s important to be flexible and meet the challenge positively, helping put all your employees a bit at ease during a stressful time.

5) Show Genuine Interest in Everyone

Be genuinely interested in your team members. You spend a lot of time with them throughout the day, week, month, or year, so ask them questions that show you genuinely care about them. Take the time to remember not only their names, but birthdays, special life events, and even hobbies. Not only will knowing your employees better make your work more enjoyable, but people like to be cared about and this is a great way to show it.

Lead Your Team to Success

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