3 Ways to Make Interviews More Effective

Whether you’ve been conducting interviews for years or are just starting out with this responsibility, it’s good to brush up your interviewing skills. The job candidate is also interviewing you, so it’s important to be buttoned up.

3 Ways to Conduct an Effective Interview

There is a lot of valuable information you need to collect during an interview. If you as the interviewer don’t stay focused or have a plan, you could be wasting both your time and the job candidate’s. Follow these tips to make your interviews more effective and get the best information from each applicant.

#1 Prepare Your Questions

Just as your job applicant should prepare for his interview, so should you. In addition to having the candidate’s resume or information printed out and ready, you should also prepare a list of questions.

Your list should include questions about previous employment and responsibilities, strengths and skills, career goals, workplace motivation factors, and logistical questions. These are only a few suggestions. If you need help coming up with the best questions for each job position, you should get the opinions of the supervisors who may be working with the new hire.

#2 Involve A Few Other Employees

During the interview, you may want to involve a few other employees who will be working or managing the new hire. The key phrase is “a few.” Only bring on the most important coworker or manager for the open position so that the job candidate is overwhelmed and the interview stays focused and productive. Make sure that you make this participating employee aware of their involvement so that the interview is scheduled accordingly, and to make sure that everyone is prepared for the interview.

#3 Be Practical

Some companies pride themselves on creative puzzle questions. Save those mind games for a company happy hour. When you need to find the right candidate for the job, you need to stay simple and practical. Ask questions that will let you know right away whether or not this person can deliver the work you need from them, in a manner that fits your company. Ultimately, this new hire needs to help make the company successful, not determine an escape plan from a larger-than-life sombrero.

Ready to Revamp Your Management?

Conducting an effective job interview is just the beginning. For more ways to refresh your interviewing or HR needs, or for leadership advice, contact Integrity Staffing Services.


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