5 Skills Employers Can’t Get Enough Of

There are some skills that are trendy, but then there are a handful of skills that employers are always looking for when they want to hire a new employee. These skills are attractive to employers regardless of your degree and they are important to every job in any industry. If you’re looking for a job, you definitely want to make sure you have these skills mastered.

5 Skills You Need to Get a Job

Maybe you have these skills but haven’t included them on your resume. Or maybe you need to develop them. Whichever the case may be, get on it! Employers can’t get enough of these five skills.

Skill #1: Problem Solving

The most attractive skill to employers is the ability to solve problems. In any line of work, in any job position, you may face dozens of problems a day. Some may be larger obstacles to overcome, while others may be little irritants to brush aside. Employers want to hire people who are not only able to solve problems, but who don’t become discouraged or unmotivated by challenges. Employees who don’t shy away from problem-solving are also great candidates for promotion and leadership positions.

Skill #2: Adaptability

This top skill goes along with problem-solving. When companies face roadblocks and conflict, employers are looking for workers who are willing and able to adapt so that everyone can still come out successful. A positive attitude goes a long way while being adaptive as well.

Skill #3: Time Management

Many workers have to wear many hats and juggle different responsibilities throughout their day. Employers are looking to hire a candidate who has a proven track record of effective time management. This skill is often acquired, so don’t be too worried if it’s not your strongest skill. There are plenty of strategies you can research and put into practice to become better at time management, and therefore, a more attractive hire.

Skill #4: Organization

All jobs require an employee to be organized in their responsibilities and tasks to ensure work is delivered on time. While this skill can be listed on a resume, it’s demonstrated throughout the interview process as well. Be sure to show up on time, dress appropriately, have all required materials prepared, and follow up with courtesy communication. If you can’t demonstrate your organization during the hiring process, you might not get the opportunity to showcase your organizational skills at the workplace.

Skill #5: Oral Communication

Great communication skills are important. But many employers are finding that oral communication skills are becoming harder to find. With the increase of technology usage, many workers are becoming more comfortable with emails, or text messages, but increasingly awkward when it comes to the spoken word. An employee needs to be able to be confident and communicate effectively across all mediums, including oral communication, to help avoid miscommunication between coworkers and satisfy client needs.

Show Off Your Skills to Employers

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