How Do Certifications Help Your Career?

Are you wondering if obtaining a certification will help your career and open you up for more amazing job opportunities? It’s normal to be hesitant to spend extra money and take the time to study for a certification if your unsure whether it will pay off. This breakdown of how to choose the right certification(s) will help you make that decision.

Yes, Certifications are Helpful

The short answer is yes, certifications can help your career. Even when you have a good job, you should never stop learning and striving to become more knowledgeable. But you shouldn’t just obtain random certifications, either. That will not be helpful, but rather, wasteful.

How to Choose the Right Certification to Impact Your Career

Now that you know certifications are helpful, follow these steps to choose the right certification to help your career.

Step 1: Determine Which Certifications Will Help You Reach Your Goals

A great way to decide which certifications will be good for your career is to look at people who work in your dream job positions. What certifications do they have? You can ask your coworkers or supervisors, scope around on LinkedIn industry or company, and check job listings that you’re interested in. These places should give you enough information of which certifications you should consider.

Step 2: Understand Not All Certifications are Equal

Once you know which certifications are relevant to your career path, you need to do more research. It’s important to understand how much a certification costs, what type of materials you need, how much time you will need to commit to studying, and of course, you need to know the ranking and reputation of the certification. It’s probably not worth it to get a certification from a company or organization that is not reputable or that doesn’t carry any value. A certification is an investment in your future, so you should definitely choose thoughtfully.

Step 3: Start Where You Can & Plan for Your Future

Many certifications have different ranks. For instance, there might be levels one through three for just one certification, and each ranking is a separate test. While you may really want to get the highest certification to make yourself the most marketable candidate, it’s OK to get your first certification at the lower level, and make a timeline for when you will obtain your other ranks. You may also want to get more than one type of certification and that’s great! But to avoid feeling overwhelmed, start with one certification, then keep getting more as you see where your career takes you. Plus, you can always ask your career mentors along the way.

Find the Job You Want

If you need help finding the job that will kickstart your career, or need some help with deciding your path for certifications, contact Integrity Staffing Services.


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