Your 5-Minute Guide to REALLY Effective Employee Reviews

Every human-resources professional or manager has their own opinion about employee reviews. Some managers may find this an exciting benchmark meeting while others stress about the important meeting. However, regardless of how you feel about conducting employee reviews, they are absolutely vital to keeping your company steering towards a successful year.

Your Simple Guide to Effective Employee Reviews

Even though these benchmark meetings are vital to a healthy company, you don’t have to overcomplicate and overthink it. Employees are people, just like you, and they don’t want things to be stressful either. Here are a few ways you can simplify your employee reviews to make them really effective.

Be Prepared

As a human resources professional or manager, it’s your job to get organized and be prepared for your review meetings. Here’s a simple list:

  • Schedule the meeting well in advance so both you and your employee can consider questions to include in the review
  • Finalize, organize, and print any paperwork you might need
  • Communicate to your employee any feedback or official reports you want them to prepare

Open Up the Conversation

Employee reviews are about tracking performance and measuring progress, but it should also be an enriching conversation between two professionals. Talk with your employee about future goals and plans, both for the company and for the employee as an individual. Ask them what professional goals they have. You should also take this time to solicit feedback and answer questions. Understanding what your employee is looking for in their job at the company is incredibly valuable information that you should welcome.

Make it More than an Annual Thing

Many companies try to get away with only one annual employee review. However, more and more companies are finding that they have more successful and happy employees when they have more frequent discussions with their team. Having more than one meeting per year allows each meeting to be less intense – both in tone and time. From answering questions to refreshing performance goals, the more open communication between managers and employees, the better. Regularly communicating with your employees increases their motivation and morale, which in turn boosts productivity and overall company success.

Run a Successful Office

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