Facebook vs. LinkedIn: Which is Better for Your Job Search?

Looking for a job can be very time-consuming so it’s important that you use your time wisely by focusing on the most effective job search sites. So which social networking site is best for finding a job – LinkedIn or Facebook?

Which Site is Better for Your Job Search? Facebook or LinkedIn?

Follow this guide to determine which social networking is more beneficial when searching for a job.

Your Information is Valuable

Social media usage should be more than meaningless posts, especially when you’re hunting for a good job. In this case, each element of your profile in LinkedIn is almost like a keyword, helping you appear in job recruiters’ searches. Facebook, on the flip side, does not act this way and doesn’t help you get noticed.

Reputation Matters

Just like your reputation is important to job recruiters, so is the reputation of social media sites. While Facebook is making strides to improve their job search capabilities, it is not the first place that recruiters visit to look for, or read up on, job candidates. They are most likely to visit LinkedIn since that site is made for professional development.  Therefore, it’s very important that you complete your LinkedIn profile and update it regularly.

Be Purposeful

When human resource professionals are looking to fill their open positions, they will look to LinkedIn rather than Facebook. They know that when they visit LinkedIn, they’ll find the information they are looking for, and not useless posts. Knowing this, take time to regularly update your profile so that you are contributing meaningful and relevant content. Include project experience, ask for referrals, and keep in touch with coworkers – past and present. The more active you are, in a meaningful way, the better your profile is for job recruiters.

Get the Job You Want

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