How Do You Look for a Job When Still Employed?

When you are already employed, you have to follow a few extra rules when you’re looking for a new job. There is a lot to consider, from keeping your current job, to interview scheduling, there is a lot to consider.

Follow These 4 Guidelines When Looking for a New Job While Still Employed

If you’re already employed but are looking for the next career move, you have to do a balancing act in your job search process. Follow these guidelines to perform well at your current job and find your next one.

Don’t Talk About It

If you need to keep your job search confidential, then you should not be talking about it with people, especially those from your current office or workplace. It’s too risky that someone could innocently let your secret slip which could mean that you are looking for a job while unemployed.

Use LinkedIn Wisely

LinkedIn can be your greatest aid when you are looking for a job and you’re already employed. Be sure that your profile is complete and that you keep it updated. Job recruiters can search for candidates with keywords that relate to skills and experience, so you want to be sure that you fill everything in. You can also use the “Open Candidate” feature which allows you to let employers know you are looking for work without revealing it to your current company.

Be Open About Your Situation to Prospective Employers

When you need to keep it a secret that you are looking for a new job, be sure to share that information with any prospective employer, especially if they inquire about references. They will most definitely be understanding about your situation and will work around it.

Schedule Interviews Outside of Work Hours

At first, this may seem like a no-brainer, but when it comes time to schedule interviews, it can be tempting to do during your current work schedule. Again, being straight-forward with your prospective employer will pay off. Telling them that you can’t schedule the interview because of current work obligations is completely respectable and they will value your honesty and dedication. They will accommodate to your schedule so it won’t hinder you from getting an interview.

Find Your Next Job

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