Already Looking Toward Spring Training? How to Recruit the Next Gen of Workers

Finding top talent for spring training in the workforce, means you have to start planning your recruitment today. If you’re looking to hire the budding young professionals of the next generation, here is your guide to recruit and employ Generation Z.

4 Traits of Generation Z You Need to Know for Successful Recruiting

Just as most companies have figured out the best way to assimilate millennials into the workplace with baby boomers, a new generation with new traits is entering the workforce this spring and changing things up again. Here’s what you need to know when recruiting these new workers.

1. Gen Z is drawn to security.

The previous generation, (millennials), was a bit more idealistic. Generation Z workers are motivated by security and money. They are pragmatic. That is not to say that they are heartless. They care about values and making a positive difference in the world, but they understand the importance of being able to support their tangible goals in life as well. One way to keep them interest in your company while recruiting is to discuss growth opportunities or pay raises.

2. They are independent and competitive.

This generation does not thrive on teamwork, but instead, they want to be acknowledged for their own individual efforts and successes. This drives them to do their best and be better than their peers. They do not shy away from challenges but look for ways to solve problems. Members of Gen Z are hard workers, and some are even skipping traditional higher education plans to get straight into the workforce to build relevant experience. They do not care to fit in with a crowd, but rather to be recognized for their successes.

3. Gen Z is very entrepreneurial.

The members of Gen Z are more likely to have entrepreneurial dreams than those of previous generations. While some experts relate this to the generation having witnessed family financial struggles during the Great Recession, it’s also easy to understand these goals based on the previous traits discussed. Being able to offer valuable leadership and growth opportunities for Gen Z workers is a major plus.

4. They value face-to-face communication.

Even though this is the most technologically advanced generation, they would rather have face-to-face discussions than always communicate via email or instant messaging. This might be a refreshing trait for many in the workforce already and being able to provide a workplace setting that includes face-to-face collaboration and connections will be a big draw to the Gen Z workers.

Each prospective employee you look to hire is different and unique, but these general traits of the upcoming workers from Generation Z are helpful to consider when you begin your recruiting efforts or even during the interview and training processes.

Find Top Talent – No Matter the Generation

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