Why You Should Welcome Back Boomerang Employees with Open Arms

In the past, most companies would never consider rehiring an employee who voluntarily left the company. In fact, many companies had official policies against rehiring said employees. However, in the last few years, companies are rewriting their rules for boomerang employees.

What is a Boomerang Employee?

A boomerang employee is a worker who voluntarily left their job, but then after a period of time, wants to come back to work at that same company.

Why You Should Welcome Back Boomerang Employees

Many human resource professionals might ask, if an employee left the company, why would I want them back?

It’s important to look past any bruised ego or hard feelings to truly reconsider this candidate with a clean slate. After all, they will bring a certain set of benefits as a boomerang.

1. They are Familiar with Your Company & Processes

A boomerang employee is already familiar with your company. They have gone through the new hire onboarding process, which means they can probably take the fast track if you rehire them. They understand certain processes and procedures that would otherwise take a new hire time to learn. You also might find that your boomerang hire is ready to hit the ground running.

2. They are Accustomed to the Company Culture

Finding the right fit for your new hire is not only limited to skills and experience. You also need to find a candidate who fits well with the company culture. A boomerang employee has already become accustomed to the company culture, so as long as they didn’t burn any bridges during their departure, they’ll fit right back in!

3. They’d Probably Acquired New Skills & Experience

During their time away from your company, your boomerang employee has developed more skills and gained more professional experience. Maybe they are applying for the same position, or maybe for a promotion, but either way, they are most likely coming back with greater strengths than when they left. You will also find that boomerang employees might feel as though they have something to prove, which will serve as some extra motivation to perform at their best.

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