How Do You Become the “Duh” Choice When Hiring?

Finding the right job opportunity is hard. Plus, once you find that great job, you are up against quite a pool of applicants. There are a lot of ways to prepare for your application and hone in on your interview skills that can lead to a successful job interview.

Follow These 6 Tips to Become the Obvious Choice to Hire

You want more than just a good interview. You want to leave the hiring manager wondering why they should even bother interviewing any other candidate. To become the obvious choice for the open position, follow these tips!

1) Brush up on relevant (or new) skills

It’s important to stay current with industry trends and job demands. If you need to refresh any of your skills, or learn new trends, do that before heading into the interview. Whether you sign up for a course, workshop, or even view YouTube tutorials, being able to about your skills at the interview will let the hiring manager know how qualified you are.

2) Read up on industry news

Find some of the best websites or publications your industry has to offer and read them. Understand new trends, prominent companies, and any other major news. Being knowledgeable about your field isn’t just good sense in general, but it also shows that you are passionate about your career and the industry.

3) Know everything you can about the company

Be sure to do your homework. Take a look at the company’s website, social media networks, and even the upper-level management team that you may work with. Again, showing your interest in the company and its people shows that you truly are invested in doing your best to add success to the company when you’re hired.

4) Anticipate and review possible interview questions

Take time before your interview to review your answers to some possible interview questions. Be sure to consider both those that are skill specific, anecdotal, and the classic ones too.

  • Skill-specific example: “How comfortable are you with using X software and what other programs do you feel are best to implement.”
  • Anecdotal example: “Describe a time when you had to take initiative on a project and it went beyond your job expectations. How did you handle that situation?”
  • Classic example: “What are your weaknesses?”
  • Get familiar with your own successful statistics

In addition to being able to talk about your previous jobs and how you were an asset to the team, you should prepare some hard numbers that can demonstrate your success. An example would be: I created a process for our warehouse team that increased our team’s daily productivity by 20%.

5) Be polished and prepared

Now that you have some of the bigger preparation done, you also need to do your best to prepare your wardrobe and yourself for the interview. When in doubt, overdress. No tuxedo, but have clean, pressed, and professional attire. No hiring manager will look down on an applicant who dresses slightly over, but if you look sloppy or too casual, the interviewer could think that you just don’t care.

6) Find a sense of calm for your big day

The morning of your interview, try to wake up earlier than necessary and do whatever you can to feel calm and confident. Then, keep in mind some strategies to keep that sense of peace throughout your day because who knows what might pop up – maybe an extra interviewer, maybe a traffic jam, maybe a road closure, etc. No matter what your day brings, get yourself prepared to move on without a hitch and nail the interview!

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