How Can You Get Pumped About Work Again?

It happens to everyone, especially around the holidays – the workplace slump. With the holidays approaching, a lot of distractions pop into mind when instead, you are trying your hardest to stay motivated, on-task, and productive.

Instead of getting down on yourself or slacking off, take some time during your lunch break to get a reboot of workplace motivation to finish your year performing at your best while staying happy along the way.

8 Simple Strategies to Staying Motivated at the Office

1. Break Up Your Projects into Smaller Steps

Have a big project that is making you anxious or overwhelmed? Don’t freak out. Instead, break it up into smaller steps and tackle each piece one at a time. When you finish each step, consider it a small win. Step by step, you’ll increase your confidence and motivation!

2. Take a Brisk Walk

With the weather turning cool, a brisk walk will get your blood pumping, wake you up without any added caffeine, and might spark extra creativity and motivation to tackle the rest of your day. A sunny day will add to boosting your mood as well.

3. Brighten Up Your Work Space

Consider buying fresh flowers, bringing in a family photo, or even adding a small holiday decoration to your office space. This little pop of color or sentiment will freshen up an area where you spend a lot of time in and this little change can give you a boost in mood and productivity.

4. Keep a Stash of Healthy Snacks

Snacking on healthy food instead of traditional vending machine food can go a long way for keeping you energized throughout the day. Keep a small stash of healthy snacks in your desk or consider sharing a larger haul with coworker friends. Also, stay hydrated with water. These dietary tips are not only good for your overall health, but they are shown to help workers overcome workplace lulls.

5. Learn a New Skill

If you are feeling unmotivated in your career or at your job, consider taking on a new skill. Adding this skill could enhance your entire experience at your current job, or be your catalyst to the job you’ve always wanted.

6. Keep an Attitude of Gratitude During Your Commute

Daily commutes are wearing on everyone. Add holiday traffic into the mix and it can definitely be a drain on an otherwise great day. Instead of getting frustrated at the standstill traffic, make a new habit of keeping track of what you are grateful for each day. Consider your work life, and your personal life in your brainstorming.

7. Get Some Quality Rest

Another tip that will positively impact both your office life and your personal life is to get more sleep. Research shows that most professionals are running low on sleep and not only does this contribute to performance slumps, but it can also take a toll on your health. Resolve to get more sleep and watch yourself feel better and have more positive energy to be productive at work.

8. Reflect on How You Want to Grow Professionally

As you near the end of 2018 (already!) take some time during your lunch breaks to consider where you are professionally and how to you want to grow. Whether it’s signing up for workshops or obtaining certifications, brainstorm how you want to evolve in your profession. Having greater goals for your career is highly motivating. Plus, feel free to talk to your supervisor or colleagues about it. They may have unique insight for you to consider and your company may offer continuing education benefits.

Looking for More?

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  1. Yeah its difficult task to resume work from leaves. For this things we enjoy to our work with our colleagues. Distribute work with colleagues which is make a bonding with them.

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