How to Search for a New Job When You Already Have One

It can be a very stressful time when you decide to search for a new job when you already have one. How do you leave for interviews with different companies? We think the answer is simple…work with a staffing firm.

One Interview, Many Options

The most obvious reason to work with a staffing firm is that for many positions, you may only have to interview once with the staffing firm recruiter, but they have multiple jobs available. In essence, you’re going on interviews with many companies in one shot.

This way, you only have to worry about finding an hour or so to do the interview – versus when you’re interviewing with different companies on your own and need to find a way to get away from work each and every time.

They’ll Keep It Confidential

There is no greater fear than worrying if it’ll get back to your current employer that you are going on interviews. Staffing firms are in the business of finding people jobs and it is in their best interest to not let this happen to you. They will keep your discussions and meetings completely confidential.

Many Ways to Communicate

How do you make phone calls about job posts in the middle of the day when many companies have policies against using your phone during working hours? Staffing firms have gotten very sophisticated with their communication options. For instance, all of our office numbers can accept texts. That means you can use your break periods and lunches to text back and forth with a recruiter.

There’s No Cost to You

People sometimes shy away from staffing firms because they believe there is a cost involved. Staffing firms are paid for by the employer to help them find qualified applicants. There is absolutely no cost for you!

They Have the Inside Scoop

There are times that employers don’t want to let it be known that they are hiring. Perhaps they are starting a new division and don’t want to tip off a competitor. In this case, they will lean on staffing companies to fill these new roles. If you were searching on your own, you wouldn’t even know about them.

You’ll Get a New Job Faster

When you try to get a job directly with an employer, the process can take forever. Internal recruiters are overwhelmed trying to fill all of their open position and they have to try to juggle multiple openings at once. That means that getting in to see them for an interview and going through the hiring process can take quite a while.

With a staffing firm, there are usually a number of roles that you can get placed in the SAME DAY you see the recruiter!

You Can Explore Your Options

When you work with a staffing firm, you can establish a relationship with your recruiter and talk to them when you’re ready to make your next move. Perhaps you move across town and need to find a new job that has a commute that is reasonable. You can talk to your recruiter and explain the situation. They can then look for new options for you.

When you’re searching for a new job when you already have one, be sure to keep it off of social media and continue to be diligent in your current job. Consider using a staffing firm to make the process less stressful.

If you find yourself currently in this situation, you can text or call our offices, apply through our website, or go to our home page and apply through our chatbot. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, where you’ll find the hottest job openings. If you don’t see something you like, we encourage you to be in touch anyway! We’re always looking for great candidates and we can keep an eye out for something that is more up your alley.


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