Careers to Consider when You’re Not Planning on College

High school is winding down and now it’s time to consider your future. Let’s talk about what careers to consider when you’re not planning on college.

Customer Service

In most organizations, no outside training is required for customer service roles. You’ll need to have a helpful disposition, be able to use a computer and be a good learner. On the job, you’ll often:

  • Answer inbound calls
  • Help customers place orders
  • Assist customers with issues they are having
  • Answer customer questions in a chat window

Customer service is in an excellent role to consider if you want to move up in an organization. You can become a team lead, manager or move into other areas of the company.

General Labor

The manufacturing process requires people to create the product using machines, inspect parts, do inventory and ship the product to customers. Prior experience is generally not necessary, and you will be trained on the job. Pay increases as you have experience on certain types of equipment, such as using a tow motor. General labor jobs differ widely based upon the company, but some duties you can expect in an entry level role are:

  • Packaging products
  • Inspecting parts as they come off the line to ensure they meet quality standards
  • Pulling orders and packing them
  • Shipping orders to customers
  • Using a tow motor to move pallets

Oftentimes, there is an increase in pay for working alternative shifts. We detail in this blog the various advantages to considering a non-first shift labor position.

There are many ways to move up in a company when you start with a general labor role. Most companies have team leads and managers. With enough good service and time on the job, these roles are a good way to increase your pay and responsibility.


If you have always been a people person, a sales role might be for you. While higher end products will require some experience, you can easily break into sales as an inside sales associate and move your way up.

Inside sales reps generally begin by what’s called “cold calling.” They will call on a list of potential customers and determine their needs. They then describe how the company’s products or services can help the customer with their issue.

Sales associates should have outgoing personalities and an ability to use a computer. It’s helpful to have an a good knack with remembering facts as you’ll need to be able to quickly answer a customer’s questions about the products or services your company offers.

With experience, inside sales reps can move up to being a client manager (who makes sure existing customers are happy and taken care of) or an outside sales rep (who travels to customer locations).

Inside sales reps, on a typical day, will:

  • Make outbound calls
  • May assist with customer service when there is heavy call volume
  • Input orders into the computer system

These are just a few of the opportunities that exist as careers when you’re not planning on college. Between now and graduation, consider making an appointment with an Integrity Staffing recruiter. You can discuss the types of things you like to do and what positions might be a good fit when you graduate.

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